When a girl is found dead with a signed copy of Rudian Stefa’s latest book in her possession, the author finds himself summoned for an interview by the Party Committee. Unable to guess what transgression he has committed Rudian goes fearfully to meet his interrogators. He has never met the girl in question but he remembers signing the book. As the influence of a paranoid regime steals up on him, Rudian finds himself swept along on a surreal quest to discover what really happened to the mysterious girl to whom he wrote the dedication – to Linda B.
زبان انگليسي
نويسنده Ismail Kadare
مترجم John Hodgson
سال چاپ 2016
نوبت ويرايش 1
تعداد صفحات 192
قطع رقعي
نوع جلد شوميز
وزن 161